the jury of The 18th prix du roman Fnac, which marks the opening of the season in literature, has presented Wednesday his four runners-one of which is the great novelist irish Edna O’brien, aged 88 years.

in Addition to Edna O’brien, whose novel Girl (translated by Aude Saint-Loup and Pierre-Emmanuel Dauzat) will be published simultaneously in English and French on 5 September, three other women have been selected by the jury comprising of 400 dealers and 400 members of the teach.

In his book, the novelist slips literally in the shoes of one of the girls abducted by Boko Haram in 2014 to discuss the hell that is crossed by these young girls. With the irruption of armed men within the school, passing by the crossing of the jungle, the abuse endured, to the escape of the protagonist who takes the child that she had one of her tormentors. When she manages to reach her village, she faces the hostility of his own who accused him of having introduced into their offspring a be stained by the blood of the enemy.

Known as “the Françoise Sagan irish” after the publication, in 1960, of his first novel, The young Irish , referring to the fate of a young woman leaving the shackles of the family, to fly of its own wings, Edna O’brien was banned from her country when she was barely thirty years old. Today, with about twenty books to his credit, the novelist, is considered the grande dame of literature in his country.

last year, the prize had been awarded to Adeline Dieudonné, awarded for her first novel, real life (The Iconoclast). The name of the winner will be announced on 2 September and the prize awarded by the american writer Bret Easton Ellis on September 20, on the occasion of the fourth edition of the Salon Fnac books, which will bring together during three days in Paris many authors including Jonathan Coe, Karine Tuil, Sorj Chalandon, Laurent Binet, or Guillaume Musso.

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Here are the four finalists, in alphabetical order of authors:

stone and bone , Bérengère Cournut (The Tripod)

Girl , Edna O’brien (Sabine Wespieser)

Moray , Valentine Goby (Actes Sud)

Eden , Monica Sabolo (Gallimard)