Quotas for migrants are distributed based on the needs of the regions

The state Duma adopted in the first reading the draft law on the new mechanism of distribution of quotas for migrants in the Russian regions, the correspondent of “Rosbalt”. The bill provides for the allocation of such quotas taking into account the migration situation in a particular constituent entity of the Russian Federation, as well as the presence or absence of grounds for refusal to issue a foreign citizen a temporary residence permit. Currently, the issuance of permits for temporary residence shall be within the limits of quotas established annually by the government of the Russian Federation on the proposals of the regional authorities and taking into account the demographic situation in a particular region and of the potential of the RF subject on arrangement of foreign citizens or without regard to such quotas. In the subjects of the Russian Federation is not defined the order of distribution of quotas annually approved by the government. In this regard, the bill proposes that the quota for the issuance to foreign citizens of permissions to temporary residence in the Russian Federation is allocated by the relevant committees formed in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in the procedure established by the government of the Russian Federation. Thus in the regions in consideration commissions the issue of allocation of the mentioned quota will take into account the real need for migrants as well as the possibility of material-technical base and the availability of appropriate specialists that will facilitate “the process of full adaptation and integration of foreign citizens to the cultural, social and legal conditions of the host country”, assured the Duma.

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