Residents of the Leningrad region want to close the garbage dump the size of two Palace square

Residents of the Volkhov district of the Leningrad region spoke out against the landfill Kuti, located at the horticulture Pupyshevo. The petition appeared on the website

“His height is 17 meters higher than the height of a seven-story building, and the area of 11.5 hectares is comparable to the Palace square in St. Petersburg, multiplied by 2,” said the authors.

According to them, from the ground came the acrid smell, and all the settlements within 5-7 miles, including the river.

“Our homes are now at the foot of the huge garbage mountains. Many people’s only shelter, without the possibility to leave it, even temporarily! We and our small children now breathe landfill gas and the risk of getting cancer and other dangerous diseases! Air, water and soil are poisoned!” — told the authors of the petition.

Worried about their risk of getting the waste into lake Ladoga. For closing and rekultivirovana polygon made until more than two hundred participants.

According to open sources, “Kuti” put into operation in 2014.

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