RF IC: the Police planted drugs Golunova to improve their performance

has Completed the investigation of the criminal case about the planted journalist Ivan Golunov drugs. Investigators came to the conclusion that law enforcement is thus sought to improve their performance, writes “Kommersant”.

According to sources of the edition, the version could be different, however, the alleged organizer of the toss — the former head of the Department to combat drug trafficking Ministry of internal Affairs on the Western administrative district (ZAO), Moscow Igor lyakhovets — refused to cooperate with the investigation.

on Wednesday, began the indictment of the arrested in this case ex-COP. They are charged with abuse of office, falsification of the results of operational-investigative activity and drug trafficking.

According to investigators, receiving orders from major Lyakhovets, the defendants conducted surveillance of a journalist and 6 June 2019 and detained him, according to the Protocol, “found” mephedrone. This was followed by a search in the apartment of Mr. Golunova, where, according to the then police, was also “found” illegal drugs.