Alcoholic, maybe. Anonymous, not so much. Elton John arrives in the holding stage at his first AA meeting. His orange jumpsuit, his long ostrich feathers, horns imp detonate in the middle of the other members. It tells the story of her life to the responsible. This good old trick always works. The audience is all ears. In before the flash-back. Each episode is punctuated by a song that it identifies in one or two seconds.

so Here is the unhappy childhood of the little Reginald Dwight that grows between a mother indifferent (understatement: it provides a really solid pattern baldness at 20 years of age) and a father that goes away. Fortunately, his grandmother encouraged him to take piano lessons. What are the vocations? Londoners shy make the best rock stars. Some of the sequences borrow from the musical. The spectator resists evil urge to tap her foot. Saturday Night’s Alright explodes in a setting of carnival. There is the meeting with the producers, the …

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