Russia has sent the Ukrainian foreign Ministry a note of protest because of the

The Russian Embassy in Kiev sent a note of protest to the Ukrainian foreign Ministry in connection with the promotion, hosted on June 12 in relation to the Russian diplomatic mission. This reports the press service of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation. The Ministry said on June 12 the Day of Russia, in Kiev, staged a “anti-Russian trick”: on the facade of the building of the Russian diplomatic mission “with the help of special lighting equipment was projected a number of offensive images Russophobic content.” They also added that “creativity” showed the counter-intelligence Department of the security Service of Ukraine” by placing your logo on buildings and billboards near the Russian consulates General in Kharkiv, Odessa and Lviv. The Russian foreign Ministry hopes that Ukraine, a “receiving diplomatic and consular missions of other countries, will finally take appropriate measures to prevent any disturbance of their tranquillity or insult dignity.”

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