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the Kremlin is not engaged in any discussions about the abolition of the “day of silence” before a single day of voting. This assured the journalists the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the media publications.

According to him, RIA “Novosti”, such discussions in the Kremlin there. The lack of a “day of silence” before the vote on the amendments to the Constitution, explained Peskov, due to “lack of competitive nature of this election”. If govorito elections, he continued, it is just a competitive vote. “So, as far as I know, no discussion (for the abolition of the “day of silence” — approx. ed.) is not” — he concluded.

Recall a single day of voting will be held on 13 September this year. According to the Russian legislation on elections, campaigning on the channels of TV and radio broadcasting and printed publications held in the period which begins 28 days before election day and ends at midnight local time the day before the vote. The day before the start of voting comes the so-called “day of silence”, when prohibited any agitation. The only exceptions are the previously placed campaign posters, which must be not closer than 50 meters from polling stations.

earlier it was reported today, citing sources, that the Kremlin is considering a number of changes in the voting procedure, including the abolition of the “day of silence”, the change in the appointment of observers and exit polls publications.

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