Saudi Arabia began the Hajj — the first time without aliens

Millions of Muslims around the world this year, unable to make the main journey in life — a pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

the pandemic coronavirus Hajj to the Holy places at this time are only available for the Saudis, the country’s borders are closed to foreigners.

Thus, the number of pilgrims has been reduced from the conventional 2.5 million people up to 10 thousand, all participants must comply with social distance. The security staff strictly enforce sanitary regulations.

anyone wishing to perform the Hajj leave application on the official portal, and then passed a thorough selection. Priority was given to the pilgrims the age of 20 to 50 years without chronic diseases not previously performed the Hajj and are prepared to endure a quarantine period.

it is Noted that security forces have arrested 224 people tried without special permissions to get to the Hajj. Now they face heavy fines.

Recall that Saudi Arabia ranks first in the number of infected with the coronavirus in the region.