The period of splendor of Luc Besson, when director her move by move The Big Blue , Nikita and Leon , seems to be permanently gone. The site specialized Satellifax revealed on Thursday that its latest feature film, Anna , no longer had a release date. Originally announced for January 2019, already postponed in march, his distribution suffers as a result of the financial setbacks of EuropaCorp, the company of Luc Besson. The firm wants to put things in perspective and clarified to the site that an exit is not impossible, but “in the second half, without a doubt, this summer”.

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A uncertainty that the announcement of the cessation of distribution activities, EuropaCorps was to be anticipated. An agreement had been made with Pathé to distribute the productions and co-productions EuropaCorp from 2019 to 2021, at the rate of three films a year. We will all of Guillaume Canet and Anna therein. The second has now disappeared.

Valérian and the City of ten thousand planets , released in July 2018, which was to be the flagship of the blockbusters the French, has not been up to expectations. Its budget exceeded $ 175 million, outside of marketing – which makes it the most expensive film in the history of cinema hexagonal. And it has reported “only” $ 225 million.

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The firm, with a debt close to € 240 million, is struggling. Its results in the first half-year were two times less powerful than those of the past year. The directors have, accordingly, decided to sell one of the studios of the groupe, the Digital Factory, to a chinese company last December.

Luc Besson, who was accused of rape

On December 11, Luc Besson has been facing Sand Van Roy, a former model who accused him of raping her on four occasions, charges that it formula since 18 may, the day after an appointment with the director in a parisian palace. Luc Besson had immediately denounced the “charges fanciful”. Each continues to camp on its positions.

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on The 28th of November, in the columns of Mediapart , five other women have made the story of inappropriate sexual behavior on the part of the French director.