Scientists found genes of harmony

Obesity is developing not only due to the low physical activity and harmful food, it also has genetic roots. While scientists often studied the genes that affect weight gain, not Vice versa. Existed prior to the current year gap in genetic science have eliminated a group of scientists from 20 international research Institute, reports Austrian newspaper Der Standard (translation — InoPressa).

the Researchers focused on how genes work from slim people. The work that researchers conducted at the “base” of Estonia, has allowed them to open DNA segment, deletion of which in experimental animals has enabled them not only to lose weight but not gain weight when feeding mainly fatty foods.

Specifies that we are talking about the so-called ALK gene. Inhibition of the synthesis of ALK protein in the hypothalamus (the part of the brain that influence hormones) has led to increased fat burning in mice — apparently under the influence of increase in adipose tissue levels of norepinephrine (a stress hormone).

nevertheless, the observation of the animals with missing ALK-genes showed that they are common in people of iniquity — “excessive drinking”. If scientists tried to “remove” this side effect was not reported.

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