Scientists have learned how people choose their romantic partners

American experts decided to find out how people choose their romantic partners. For this they conducted a study involving more than 700 volunteers who were asked to name three ideal features of a beloved/beloved.

the Subjects were able to very easily cope with the task, wherein the characteristics are often met with “funny”, “attractive”, “curious”. After this, volunteers were asked to rate the romantic appeal of a number of people they knew personally.

it turned Out that the power of romantic attraction is really related to the severity of the three marked perfect features, but these features are so General that compliance does not always lead to the formation of pairs and the emergence of romantic relationships.

At the end of the experiment, the experts came to the conclusion that people do not have much understanding of what they personally want from a partner, despite the presence of common ideal.

the Study was conducted by scientists from the University of California, material published in the journal Medical Xpress.

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