Shares of

the value of the shares of “Aeroflot” at the opening of today’s trading on the Moscow stock exchange has fallen by 5.2% to the previous close, making 80,62 rubles per share.

However, by 10:13 GMT the fall of the carrier slowed to 3.7%, paper traded at 81,86 ruble per share, reports TASS.

However, the shares of “Aeroflot” cheaper for the second day in a row amid information on possible additional share issue, PRIME notes.

on the Eve of the papers lost in the price of 5.2%. This happened after reports Reuters, citing sources that the government is preparing a rescue plan “Aeroflot” through foreclosure of its additional shares by the government and VTB Bank. According to one source, “Aeroflot”, which is 51.2% owned by the state, will release an additional issue in the amount of 80 billion rubles.

Information about the additional share issue has not yet been confirmed, but for investors it is negative, but the fundamental influence is mixed, analysts say GM BCS.

let’s Add that yesterday the public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov said at a Federation Council meeting that “Aeroflot” was forced to reduce ticket prices after joint inspection of the state office of public Prosecutor and Federal Antimonopoly service.

According to him, the reason for the inspection were complaints of citizens to the growth of tariffs for air transportations carried out by this airline. As a result, “Aeroflot” started to sell “up to 80% of the seats below cost,” said Krasnov.

the Company is also required to form tariffs for monopoly routes according to the principles applicable to a “competitive lines”.

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