Smolny continues to count the number of physicians contracted COVID-19 not at work

In St. Petersburg COVID-19 contracted 2971 medic of them in the performance of employment duties — 2079 people. This information was reported by the head of the Committee on health Dmitry Lisovets in its response to the appeal of the Deputy of city legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky.

So, in urban hospitals was ill 2750 physicians, but 686 people recognized contracted outside the workplace. In Federal medical institutions 221 ill persons, and 206 of them also refused to recognize the victims as a result of providing care to patients.

Wisniewski said that the response of cosgrave is unclear, as is the situation with payments to doctors.

“892 Other person will not receive the payments? Or are you gonna get? — asks Wisniewski. — In the “order of payments” approved by kostreva, it is said that the physician “recognizes the victims as a result of providing care to patients”. That is, those who didn’t get sick during the performance, and I can not get”.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote that the St. Petersburg doctors, got COVID-19, now you do not need to prove that they got sick at work. Smolny has simplified the procedure of recognition of health workers affected by the coronavirus. Previously, the algorithm included a fault of the employee — the head physician of the hospital could say that his employee had contracted on the way to work and qualify for cash payments the health care provider could not. Against such a procedure were doctors, deputies and the St. Petersburg Ombudsman.

we will Remind, in St. Petersburg in case of death of the physician from the coronavirus family will pay 1 million rubles from the city budget and 2.7 million rubles from the Federal budget. If the result of the disease was a disability, the city physician will pay 500 thousand from the city, and the Federal Treasury from 688 thousand to 2 million If the disease is mild, 300 thousand rubles rely from the St. Petersburg budget and Federal 68 thousand.

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