Speech on amendments to the Constitution and the fate of Nicholas II nearly led to a fight in the Petersburg Parliament

a five-minute skirmish with the participation of Deputy Mikhail Amosov and MPs from the “United Russia” interrupted the speech of the speaker of St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Makarov during the plenary session. Mikhail Amosov confused by the parallel which Makarov held between Vladimir Putin and Nikolai II.

Makarov urged parliamentarians to recall Putin’s words that “without patriotism, the country will collapse like a lump of sugar in water”. Then the speaker launched into a historical review, thinking that Nicholas II abdicated the throne because of the betrayal of the elites.

“a Betrayal of state, betrayal of the Russian Empire! Forced, forced. And what happened to the country? Devoured, washed by the blood of Russia, tortured by the tens of millions of people. And what did the king and his wonderful family? Devoured, broke in the basement. And still this punishment of God hanging over the world”, — said Makarov, apparently drawing Parallels between the need to support the current President and a new Constitution today as in his time was not supported by Nicholas II.

“the President also said that Russia is his plan to revolutions completed. Look closely at the amendments as they protect the Motherland! Well, set yourself on a Patriotic wave, it knocks any black thoughts! We are talking about the will of the people, and most importantly, that the President’s heart was beating in unison with the hearts of 148 million people, then the state will be strong. What Putin has done for Russia? He is her back from the precipice, dragged, saved the country left at the mercy of international terrorists, and made it a great power, regained the respect,” — continued his speech the Makarov.

Mikhail Amosov urged the speaker to note that Nicholas II was not approved by the Senate and added a few phrases, which, because off the microphone it was impossible to disassemble. In response, the audience heard some shouting from the deputies from “United Russia”: “The fifth column! Launched and sitting still here! Amos, shut your mouth!” Most likely, the remark came from the mouth of the Vice-speaker Anatoly Drozdov, who then approached Amos. The argument raised voices continued in the hall for 5 minutes.

“This is Amos one here. And if they be five? What will remain of the legislative Assembly, from mother Russia?” — asked Makarov, and once again urged everyone to support the amendments.

Recall, the vote on the amendments to the Constitution were appointed in the period from 25 June to 1 July, despite the spread of coronavirus infection in the country. One of the amendments provides for “zeroing” the presidencies of Vladimir Putin so the leader can, if desired, twice to participate in elections.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote that in St. Petersburg the Deputy gave Pamfilova evidence of coercion of state employees to vote on the Constitution.

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