The doctor has warned of the dangers of the drug from the coronavirus, named who a

the doctor-the virologist George Vikulov called dangerous steroid dexamethasone that is in a who was considered a scientific breakthrough in the treatment of coronavirus.

media reported that clinical trials of the drug conducted by British scientists have shown that it significantly reduces the mortality of patients infected COVID-19.

In an interview with “Evening Moscow” the medic told about the consequences of treatment with dexamethasone, noting that “it is not no breakthrough and no sverhnovoj”. The doctor reminded that the drug is used for a long time. However, he expressed the view that to say a decrease in mortality on the background of its application was “absolutely incorrect” in view of the continuing epidemic of coronavirus.

the Specialist explained that the use of steroids in the treatment of coronavirus is extremely dangerous. He spoke about the cases of viral sepsis in patients with this disease. “So all this appears to be another bloated fake” — summed up Vikulov, adding that he would not advise their patients this drug.

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