what is one has (yet) done to the good God? The title should probably know a little readjustment. But Romain Rojtman the producer of the first two phases was announced in Variety on Wednesday, the trade magazine american, that the third installment is in preparation. Philippe de Chauveron, the director designated the beaux-parents overwhelmed, preparing to write the script and will be behind the camera. It was already the co-writer with Guy Laurent, two comedies where the laughs of the reactions that are, for better and for worse, the cultural differences.

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12.5 million entries in France, 7 millions abroad, 10.5 million viewers gathered in front of TF1 during its first broadcast in the clear, and 1 million DVDS sold: the first part is entered in the top 15 French films the most viewed of the Hexagon. The second, what is it again God? , was released just six months, has been a huge success with close to 7 million admissions in france. And more than 2 million abroad under the name of Serial (Bad) Weddings in English and Claude in German – for the character of Christian clavier Claude Verneuil, notary a little racist but friendly.

A more “politically correct”?

what To give to the producer Romain Rojtman ambitions abroad. The storyline of this third That is what we did to God? should enable the film to sell more easily to the international, notably thanks to the characters of the sons-in-law, he entrusted it to Variety . However, if it is necessary to appeal to the foreign public, it is to be feared that the humour, which has made the success of what is about to become a saga of worship, take a shot. If the Germans had worshipped the comédie française, the Anglo-Saxons had not seen the color. Considered too “politically incorrect”, That is what we did to God? and its sequel had not been released in theaters in the uk and us. “Ever the Americans do not allow today to laugh about Blacks, Jews or Asians”, had explained to the Point Sabine Chemaly in 2014, the director of international sales TF1. It will be understood, the producer now wants a suite that does not offend the sensibilities of the anglo-saxon.

In the second installment, Odile (Julia Piaton) and David (Ary Abittan) wished to settle in Israel, Chao (Frédéric Chau) and Ségolène (Emilie Caen) in Shanghai, Isabelle (Frédérique Bel) and Rachid (Medi Sadoun) in Algiers, Laure (Élodie Fontan) and Charles (Noom Diawara), Bombay. That is what may be the worse, this time, Claude (Christian clavier) and Marie Verneuil (Chantal Lauby), our good bourgeois from Chinon?