The alleged organizer of the detention Golunova wants to resume proceedings against the journalist

The arrested ex-head of Department on struggle with drugs of police at CJSC Moscow Igor lyakhovets said about the intention to seek renewal of the case of journalist Ivan Golunova. As reported “Interfax”, he declared in Moscow city court. The Agency said that it Lyakhovets is considered the organizer of Golunova detention on false charges of attempted sale of drugs in June 2019. The lyakhovets said that writing letters to the Prosecutor General with indication of the violations and a request to resume the criminal proceedings against Golunova. In his opinion, the case was dismissed “illegally” and “unjustly”. We add that the Moscow city court has cancelled the decision about prolongation of arrest of four former policemen, who are accused of tossing a journalist of drugs and illegal detention. The court left them in custody until 1 August. On June 2, the Basmanny court extended the arrest of them until 7 September. All defendants charged with abuse of power with violence, special means and causing serious consequences, the falsification of evidence and illegal drug trafficking.

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