The analyst of the date of the Victory parade: the People run wild, we need to show that the country alive

the Decision to appoint the Victory parade on 24 June is politically motivated, and the question of the health of the nation here overshadowed. Such opinion in conversation with the correspondent of “Rosbalt” was expressed by the Professor of political psychology at the faculty of psychology St. Petersburg state University Alexander Konfisachor.

According to him, the people run wild in isolation, and therefore need to unite the citizens.

“we Need mass action that can, if not to unite people, then at least mentally to gather in one place at one time to watch a single event to show that the country is alive, exists, remembers ancestors and worship their memory,” — said the expert.

He added that in June warm, nice, so the date chosen from the point of view of power. To hold on until autumn, because the people will start to go to work, and many problems begin that will draw attention.

“the problem of the coronavirus is not considered. You know, political issues are the most vital for the government. The rest — for example the health of the nation, Economics, Finance — departs on the second plan”, — concluded Konfisachor.

we will Remind, Vladimir Putin announced that June 24 will be a parade of Victory, and on 26 July — the traditional parade of the Navy and action “Immortal regiment”.

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