“For some, magic is a myth. For others, it is a weapon,” warns one from the cover of Agent , first book in a new detective series that mixes espionage and witchcraft. At the helm of this series of innovative action, rather very successful, there is the screenwriter Mathieu Gabella ( The Fall, Seven Prisoners, The Maze, WW2.2 …) and the graphic designer, spaniard Fernando Dagnino. The plot of this thriller-occult is the Paris of our days.

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it All begins with a spinning in the subway station Republic. A team of cops stups prepares a flag. The heroine, Rhym (that looks a bit like Rachida Brakni), equipped with a headset following discreetly a drug dealer nicknamed the ‘poissard”.

An atmosphere X-Files combined with Da Vinci Code

It has the capacity for “pisteuse” and intuitions are amazing, that his colleagues blindly follow. At the time …

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