The business Ombudsman has accused officials of bias when making

the Restrictions against the coronavirus, a new type was adopted in St. Petersburg without regard to the position of business, while it was possible to negate the losses. This at a press conference in “Rosbalt”, said the Commissioner for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs in St. Petersburg Konstantin Timokhin.

“it was Necessary to ensure the participation of entrepreneurs, including areas catering to minimize losses and to exclude them. We are sure for its part that it was possible. And now, perhaps,” said the Ombudsman. In his opinion, most restaurateurs could provide security measures during a pandemic.

“unfortunately, we have to admit that we have when making decisions of a certain one-sidedness in the implementation and development of measures”, said Timokhin.

He added that St. Petersburg has 367 thousand municipal enterprises of small and average business. Benefits were not all. “From 35 to 65 thousand depending on the support measures. Of course, all this is not enough,” said the Commissioner.

Timokhin called as soon as possible to open a summer café in the city. Informed of such plans, said the Vice-Governor Yevgeny Elin. According to him, the café will be able to sazonovich work on June 29.

“Rosbalt” in conjunction with the Deputy of the legislative Assembly Irina Ivanova holds marathon in support of small and average business “to Save the business: mission (im)possible?”. Last time, on June 17, representatives of the tourism industry said that to save their business from collapse.

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