We do not know, we do not judge . The name of the show Donel Jack sman, currently on tour in France, gives the tone. However, all members of the public were not put in tune with the comedian last Sunday. While the native of Val d’oise, presented her show in Nice, he has been the target of a racist insult in the middle of his performance. The video of the incident was relayed by the actor of 37 years on his account Instagram.

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“The people who vote National Front, what pisses me off is that they don’t carry it often. Him, the guy he assumed and it is cool!”, lance Donel Jack sman after I asked if some members of the public feel close to the Front National – what a spectator is shown positively. The answer, staggering stupidity, fuse from the bleachers: “Dirty black”. It is repeated three times. The comedian, visibly taken aback, pauses for a few seconds. “But you would have had to close your mouth in fact, he then to the address of the troublemaker. Did you use what is called a malaise and that brings nothing to the show apart from the inconvenience to you. And everyone is embarrassed for you!”

“At the time, the guy of Villiers-le-Bel who slumbers in me would have jumped on the guy and he would have felt very very dirty. But thank God it’s Christmas and I’ve matured,” he said in the caption that accompanies the video on the social network.

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“something too violent, this is the second time I saw it,” said the comedian àFrance Info. “For the moment I’m still in shock, but everyone told me that I can’t let this go. This is my question, I am trying to ask myself, is what I’m going to file a complaint or not?”

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When you play in the south and you insult “dirty black” in the greatest calm at the time, guy de Villiers-le-Bel who slumbers in me would have jumped on the guy and he would have done a very very dirty..But thank God it’s Christmas and I’ve matured a Merry christmas to all ! Let us love each other, even if we are different #racismenormal #memepasgenelemec #en2018serieux #nevenezpasdemanderauxminoritesdarreterdeseplaindre #joyeuxnoel #doneljacksman #mecchelou

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