The CPS has warned about danger of death of fish

Fish and seafood can be deadly if handled incorrectly, has warned the Federal service.

In a statement on the Agency’s website explains that a number of parasitic diseases (opisthorchiasis, difillobotrioz, echinococcosis, trichinosis and others) cause serious damage to human health and can lead to serious complications or even disability and death. The Agency explains that “catching” worms can not only by eating improperly cooked fish, but also crustaceans, molluscs, amphibians, reptiles and products of their processing.

While in Russia most widely distributed opisthorchiasis, and clonorchiasis, diphyllobothriasis. Most people infected with opisthorchiasis. For example, last year there were more than 19.5 thousand cases. Typically, infection occurs by eating fish of the carp family (this is IDE, Dace, roach, bream, tench, Rudd, ukleja, minnow, Chub, Podust, etc.).

Also, when eating fish, there is a risk of infection with anisakiasis or difillobotrioz. These diseases are characterized by the development of pathological processes in the gastrointestinal tract. Also difillobotrioz is often accompanied by anaemia.

to nothing to get it, indicates the CPS, fish fans need to remember simple rules. Cooking fish need at least 15 minutes after boiling, fry in oil for at least 20 minutes. Small fish should be salted for 14 days large — 40 days at the rate of two 2 kg salt for 10 kg fish.

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