The CPS was accused of levity

the Head of the St. Petersburg Rospotrebnadzora Natalia Bashkatova and children’s Ombudsman in St. Petersburg, Anna mityanina V the TV channel “Saint-Petersburg”sharply criticized the actions of the youth military-Patriotic public movement “Uname”, which sent children to participate in the training of the parade for the 75th anniversary of the Victory on Palace square.

“the city remains a difficult epidemiological situation, and I am concerned about the health safety of a minor. I have my doubts that all the children were tested for the coronavirus that met all the security measures that their parents gave consent for children’s participation in this event,” said Mityanina.

According to her, no matter that children can easily tolerate the infection — they can become a carrier and infect their loved ones.

“As a Commissioner, as a lawyer and as a mom, I am convinced that if there is the slightest risk to children from participation should be discarded, and suggest to do it their parents,” she said.

Also Mityanina said that despite the approval of the Deputy commander of the Western military district for political-military work General-the major Yury Yevtushenko that he has the permission from parents of children, this information should be verified.

“most Likely, the parents gave consent for children’s participation in this organization, “Uname”, but the situation is unusual” she said, and called to initiate check of activity of the guide, “Warmii” for allowing children to mass training.

the Ombudsman was supported by the head of Rospotrebnadzor Bashkatova, noting that no information on the involvement of children in the parade to the office was not provided.

“I have no lists of participants or information about their health, nor the testing of the coronavirus. If they wanted to do it, it was necessary to isolate children from their families and place them in the observation for two weeks, to ensure the supervision of doctors, testing,” — said the chief sanvrach and demanded that leaders “Warmii” up to 12 hoursaces of tomorrow presented a list of participants.

Bashkatova also added that management “Warmii” broke the law concerning restrictions on mass events in St. Petersburg and accused the organization in extreme levity. In her words, to conduct such training was to be used disinfected buses, checked for coronavirus drivers and attendants specified drinking regime and a mode of relaxation.

Earlier it became known that the Petersburg yunarmeytsev removed from the second workout of the Victory parade, which will be held June 24.

“Uname” is all-Russian youth military-Patriotic public movement created in 2016 with the aim of increasing the prestige of the military profession. The organization can engage children from eight years.

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