The day two of the St. Petersburg fell from bridges

EMERCOM in St. Petersburg reported on the rescue of drowning on July 3. All the rescuers went three times, but managed to catch not all.

According to authorities, at about 9 am from Volodarsky bridge fell a man. The staff on the boats moved to help him, but he swam ashore himself. It turned out that the citizen was drunk, took him to the police.

Another incident occurred at 12 o’clock on quay of the bypass channel, d. 62. The events of this time ended tragically. “Rescuers using rescue devices was removed from the water man, but to save him failed: arriving doctors pronounced him dead,” — said the press service of the emergencies Ministry.

in the afternoon the office has received the message on 19-year-old young man who fell from Yacht the bridge. Employees took six minutes to extract of St Petersburg from the water. “Bringing the victim ashore, the staff of the search and rescue service brought him back to life, after which the doctors brought the boy to hospital,” — said in the MOE.

Recall that in early June, two women fell from Volodarsky bridge. It was reported that one of them drowned.

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