It is said to be regular death, but a dying one, the disk drive is doing rather well. At least to judge from the number and quality of new developments. Some major achievements among the the new release came to enrich the landscape as a record. They are all due to independent labels. It had been our favorite of the year 2016: the pianist Geoffroy Couteau was signing against all odds a full and accomplished the work for piano by Brahms. The here continues his exploration brahmsienne by the same publisher (La Dolce Volta), with the chamber music.

The pianist Jean-Pierre Collot makes us a great pleasure in rendering justice to one of the poets maudits of the French music : Jean Barraqué, fellow explosive of the young Pierre Boulez

starting with the absolute masterpiece that is the Quintet to the piano, where it is joined by the Quatuor Hermès, even a French training of the first order. Reading is brilliant, and a formal balance sovereign, neither too ascetic nor too disheveled, where nobody pulls the blanket. The piano and the four bows are a great instrument in the service of a …

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