The doctor told me about the most dangerous products in supermarkets

Nutritionist Alex Kovalkov told some of the most common in supermarkets products are the most harmful to health.

According to kovalkova, which he stated in his Instagram”, it is not necessary to buy semi-finished products: they contain significant amounts of monosodium glutamate that causes addiction.

Not the best choice is sourdough bread. According to the Professor, the choice should be made in favor of yeast-free bakery products or pastries in the yeast. I also have to give preference to home baking — cakes, pancakes, fritters.

trying to lose weight, many prefer to buy dairy products with low fat content. However, experts say, low fat most often achieved by adding in the production of other harmful substances: soya, vegetable fat and palm oil. For example, Kovalkov reminded that the natural fat content of sour cream is 25% and oil 82%.

Also a nutritionist calls not to buy the sugar substitutes that are designed exclusively for diabetics, and, in his opinion, should be sold in pharmacies. At the same time, recalls Professor Kovalkov, the rate of consumption of carbohydrates per day shall not exceed 50-60 g.

Another dangerous product nutritionist believes chicken. “Do not buy chicken, it has a lot of growth stimulants, drugs water retention and antibiotics. She stuffed them all. All this stuff settles in your tissues and causes a number of serious diseases. Especially dangerous in this as wings” — said the expert.

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