The doctor told me the age at which birth is optimal for women

What age is the best for childbirth, told the Moscow gynecologist Yuliana Abaeva.

According to him, the most suitable for the birth of a child in the early reproductive age — up to 35 years (although the possibility of having a baby persists in late reproductive age to menopause). At this time, the woman has the optimal stock of follicles in the ovaries, and haven’t accumulated “genetic damage.”

At the same time, giving birth to the firstborn to 35 years, the woman herself can decide how often to give birth (and whether to give birth) then, the expert said, noting, however, that the optimal interval between births is the interval of two years.

“After 40 years, pregnancy and childbirth carry significant risks for both the mother (complications of pregnancy and delivery) and fetus (increased risks of chromosomal abnormalities),” — said the gynecologist, the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

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