The doctors explained why bad to drink coffee on an empty stomach

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach — harmful. As explained by the doctors who quotes Cursorinfo, this drink stimulates the production of stomach acid, which may be the cause of heartburn, discomfort and even cramps.

in addition, if drinking coffee on an empty stomach, it can cause a shortage of serotonin hormone which is responsible for the feeling of happiness and good mood.

Those who can’t do without coffee in the morning before Breakfast, experts suggest to add cream or milk to reduce adverse effects.

Doctors also identified a few bad habits, from which it is better to refuse — so, it is not necessary to go to bed on an empty stomach, because hunger prevents to fall asleep or to facilitate the surface of sleep. To exclude worth drinking juices on an empty stomach, because they have acid which is bad for the stomach, especially when gastritis or ulcers. Doctors recommend not to chew gum on an empty stomach because hydrochloric acid is produced during mastication destroys the lining of the stomach, and you can earn gastritis.

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