The doctors explained why this year is better to get vaccinated against influenza

In influenza research Institute im. Smorodintseva explained what the flu shot is different in 2020 and why Russians do not neglect it. The experts from the press conference in TASS cited the correspondent of “Rosbalt”.

As stated by the Deputy Director Daria Danilenko, the situation in the coming epidemiological season was atypical. Experts have warned that scientists will change from three components in the new graft, which is rare. Usually such significant changes in the biological drug is not make.

“it Is understood that vaccines that were previously not protect against those strains that we expect”, — said Danilenko.

According to her, the situation is complicated by the fact that in the southern hemisphere, the flu epidemic has slowed down due to restrictions against the coronavirus that does not give scientists full information circulating about the disease.

the acting Director of the Institute Dmitry Lioznov urged Russians not to neglect vaccination this year. It will also contribute to the fight against coronavirus, when one of the patient show symptoms and flu, and COVID-19.

According to the latest figures, Russia has registered 752 797 thousand cases of new coronavirus infection, died 11 thousand 937 people.

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