The economist: the outcome of the vote is a movement towards authoritarianism, oligarchic dictatorship

Amendments to the Constitution establishes the power of the oligarchic dictatorship, regime change can only social protest, says economic analyst Vladislav Zhukovsky.

According to him, the outcome of the vote is not so much about the nullification of presidential terms, how about a systemic change in management structure. The expert mentioned the expansion of presidential powers, the institution of senators for life, the inviolability of the head of state from the investigation of the emergence of a “second government” in the form of the state Council, security Council and more.

“This movement towards authoritarianism, oligarchic dictatorship. Happen feudalization of the country and its return to the medieval archaic”, — noted in conversation with the correspondent of “Rosbalt” Zhukovsky.

According to him, the government will continue the vector of anti-social reforms, and to go on this she let the silence of the citizens during the previous unpopular reforms: “Plato”, the VAT rise, raising the retirement age, and more.

“the Kremlin laid the mine under the country, civil society, and it blows against the background of socio-economic issues: years of crisis, falling living standards, loss of jobs, rising taxes, prices, pension reform. The ruling power poured into this powder keg even more gunpowder,” — said the expert.

In his opinion, it is socio-economic protest will destroy the regime, not political discontent. In autumn, the Russians ‘ standard of living will fall even more, suggested the source.

“What? You have to fight in the upcoming elections, engage in propaganda in social networks and other free sites. The rallies are not cancelled. The experience of foreign countries shows that in the end it is all about the crowd on the street,” concluded Zhukovsky.

the Full version of the statements of the expert read soon in the “Rosbalt”. The reporter also spoke with the President of the “Open Russia” Anastasia Burakova and libertarian, head of the “Civil society” by Michael Light.

we will Remind, Vladimir Putin signed a decree on amendments to the Constitution of Russia. Amendments to the basic law shall come into force on July 4, 2020.

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