The election Commission in Yekaterinburg refused to work on voting on amendments to the Constitution

the Precinct election Commission No. 1503 in Yekaterinburg in full force refused to participate in voting on amendments to the Constitution. As reported the correspondent of “Rosbalt” a member of the Commission Vladislav Postnikov, the reason was unwillingness to work with the epidemic of coronavirus.

Members of the electoral Commission decided to consider the decree of the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region “On introduction of high alert…”, epidemiological situation, existing risks for health and life, lack of testing of PEC members for the presence of coronavirus infection, the lack of insurance against the risk of infection. In order to prevent the spread of infection members of the Commission decided to refuse participation in organizing and holding a nationwide vote.

voted”For” the 11 PEC members, one abstained.

“For this decision voted by the members of the Commission, consisting in the different parties or organizations. I do not attach importance to party affiliation,” said Vladislav Postnikov.

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