The expert explained why it is not necessary to go dig in the garden

the Question of watering the garden is especially important in hot dry weather. However, the earth is able itself “to water”. This was told to correspondent of “Rosbalt” the head of the St. Petersburg club of natural agriculture Leonid Ryabov. For this purpose it is not necessary to dig the plot.

“If the land is not digging, it turns out that it is a network of channels, formed in place of the rotten roots and moves soil animals, such as worms. The result is warm air containing water vapor gets through the channels until cool to the depths of the earth. Due to the difference of temperature moisture condenseries. That is, the soil is, roughly speaking, pours itself, and the effect is rather big,” said Ryabov.

According to him, such a natural way of cymopolia gives the soil two times more moisture than rain. So it is not necessary to dig the ground, concluded the expert.

Earlier Leonid Ryabov mentioned another way to save the crop from drought. The head of the club of agriculture explained to the readers of “Rosbalt” the double effect of the mulching. To irrigate the land in this case will still have, but less than required normally. Read more here.

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