The expert warned of the dangerous strawberry

dietitian Margarita Arzumanyan told how to pick strawberries.

According to her, when buying berries first need to look at the color of the berries and prefer the dark strawberry shade. The medic in an interview with radio Sputnik explained that the strawberries are dark brown in color, contains most of plant pigment anthocyanin, which protects against premature aging and has anti-inflammatory effect.

Arzumanyan noted that in bright berries also contain beneficial antioxidant — vitamin C. the Doctor also recommends to pay attention to the fact that the berries were evenly painted. She said that farmers sometimes colored with strawberries, watering, special fertilizers, to give the presentation.

the Dietitian also said that the step of berries must be green. In this case, according to her, you can be sure that the berries are freshly plucked, and they have retained all their nutrients.

however, if the stem has a white stripe, the berry is definitely treated with chemicals, the nutritionist warned.

the Doctor also advises adults not to exceed the daily norm of 500 g of strawberries, so as not to cause allergies.

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