The fate of the complaint the arrest Verzilova will decide on June 25

the Moscow city court on June 25, will establish the legality of the decision on 15-day administrative arrest against a publisher of “media zones” Peter Verzilova. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to the lawyer of Leonid Solovyov.

petty-bourgeois court has sent on the eve of the participant of Pussy Riot arrested for 15 days for the Mat to address the passerby. On the court, Verzilov said that I didn’t insult anyone.

passers-by Incident occurred the evening of 21 June and the morning Verzilova house was searched, and then questioned on the “case on July 27”.

media reported that the police was not to blame Verzilova in the fight, since the medical examination did not find the beatings of participants of the conflict.

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