The former head of the St. Petersburg cosgrave: Illiterate officials, who happened to be in power, put people in mask schizophrenia

the Easing of restrictions in St. Petersburg is long overdue, and society, it’s time to calm down and return to normal reasonable life. This opinion with the correspondent of “Rosbalt” said Alexander Redko, head of the St. Petersburg cosgrave in 1996-1997.

“Those restrictive measures that were adopted by the St. Petersburg Rospotrebnadzor — they are more administrative and police than the corresponding recommendations of competent epidemiologists. The whole police state in St. Petersburg was introduced, when the city was sick of 14 people, and this panic unprofessional leadership spread to the population. But it’s time for us to settle,” — said Shakirov.

According to him, restrictions should not apply to healthy people — justified sanitary-epidemiological requirements should relate solely to patients.

“We will soon wonder how we got this mask schizophrenia exclusively administrative measures poorly educated officials… hand Washing and observance of a distance — useful skills for any civilized man, but they are imparted education, but not implanted by force. Need to get away from sociopathy, implemented by officials, who happened to be at the helm of power, which they, of course, has abused, depriving innocent citizens of their constitutional rights and freedoms. First of all, I here mean the rejection of the planned hospitalization”, — said the former head of cosgrave.

According to Redko, when you compare the losses from coronavirus infection and isolation, you can see that deaths as a result of worsening pathology at 3.5-4 times more than from COVID-19.

“the Ban on planned hospitalization is complicated for the vast bulk of other, often much more dangerous diseases. By the way, cytotoxic drugs for certain groups of cancer patients our cosgrave purchased not 2 billion, as required by the indications and utverzhdenii budget, but only 900 million Where did the rest of the money? To combat coronavirus? And now those 140 people who were to receive life-saving medicines, must stand in a queue in the CPS or the Governor? Who has the right to deprive people of hope for life stupid stroke of a pen? The affected categories of our citizens from this coronabuy a huge number,” said Alexander Redko.

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