A selfie with Johnny? It is possible to Saint-Tropez where the Museum of the gendarmerie and of the cinema, created in the memory of the tribulations of Louis de Funès and his merry team, presents a replica in silicone of the singer, nail an exhibition of objects and photographs lent by the inhabitants of the city from which the singer was a regular.

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Opened on the 1st of June, the exhibition Johnny Hallyday in Saint-Tropez dedicated singer, who would have been 76 years old last Saturday, has already attracted 10,000 visitors, including many fans and bikers less diligent in the attendance of museums, according to the conservative Gwenaëlle van Butsele.

“You can discover all the life of Johnny Saint-Tropez, where he had come in the 1960s and spent his holidays for 40 years, establishing full relations. It is the memory of the st tropez of their friend Johnny, his generous side and simple. Even when he sold his house he continued to come in the summer,” explains she.

● The opening of music exhibition devoted to Johnny Hallyday

Upon his arrival in the gulf for festive holiday with his friends Eddy Barclay and Eddy Mitchell, he will be fascinated by the gorgeous villas and rêvera to own one also. In 1989, he built in Ramatuelle, in the mythical Lorada on two acres, he will sell to regret in 2000. One of his last tours, on-site dates back to 2014 to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the beach of Tahiti.

“He liked a lot the simplicity of the people, the holiday atmosphere, very casual without all the paparazzi, loved to go out, go to the +Jungle+, a nightclub whose boss has loaned photographs of Johnny in the process of partying with his friends,” says the curator, Gwenaëlle van Butsele.

The motorcycle with three wheels, Johnny

About 70 m2, the fans can be moved in front of the motorcycle with three wheels, with which he walked around in Saint-Tropez, the plans of his villa or the boxing gloves that he used with his coach, as well as a statue very realistic silicone around which one is invited to sit. Next to pictures of the official photographer of the star Daniel Angeli, many of them unique: “The st tropez have opened their albums, this is what is interesting in this exhibition, open until June 1, 2020,” she concluded.

The museum of the Gendarmerie has opened in 2016 in the former gendarmerie of Saint-Tropez, decor emblematic of the series of the Mounties with Louis de Funès in the headliner. It has welcomed more than 140,000 visitors last year.

A report on the inauguration of the exhibition Johnny Hallyday in Saint-Tropez