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The Gorilla or Kafka according to Jodorowsky


He jumps. On the show, he jumps like a monkey. He looks very fierce. Yet his gaze is soft and clear. He wears a suit, black jacket, white shirt, broad tie. Only the gaiters indicates a time that is not ours. Observing her face, there is a front a little strange, under the mop of black. Brontis Jodorowsky takes, years after you created this show, The Gorilla , adapted by his father, Alejandro Jodorowsky, the new Franz Kafka’s Report to an academy . A text of 1917, which has very often seduced the people from the theatre. You can even listen to an extraordinary recording of this text by Michel Simon (editions Canetti).


The story of a wild animal caught in the distance. In Hamburg, he became a star of music hall under the name of Peter the Red. He progresses as he is almost a man and can hold a conference in front of scientists. “It is The Metamorphosis in the other direction,” notes the actor, a long-standing member of the …

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