The government has withdrawn from the state Duma the law on restrictions on gifts to officials

the Russian Government has withdrawn from the state Duma a bill providing for restrictions on gifts to officials, the correspondent of “Rosbalt”.

the Bill was submitted to the Duma in 2018, and included a ban on gifts to officials are not from an approved law list. Now there is a norm according to which officials cannot give gifts which cost exceeds 3 thousand roubles. The government proposed to abolish this rule and instead to introduce a list of permitted gift-giving.

the list wanted to include gifts in the form of encouragement from the body of the state power that employs the official, printed stationery products, and gifts in connection with the Protocol and other official events and business trips. In this part of the gifts after receiving them was intended to pass to the state. An exception could be made for color calendars. notebooks and valuable gifts, to notify the receipt of which will be from the document.

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