The head of the Omsk Ministry of health in the context of the prohibition on walks urged residents

the Minister of health of the Omsk region, Irina Soldatova urged residents of the region to “walk”. While walking in the region of citizens is prohibited by order of the head region. According to “Omsk-inform”, the call to walk Soldatova announced on air of GTRK “Irtysh”.

“we Have yet a little patience, it’s summer, the weather is nice. You should try to walk, to breathe air, reshayutsya, it is not forbidden, but subject distance. You need to get used to live with the terms of the epidemiological situation and to pay attention to their health. If anything, contact an ambulance,” said Soldatova.

In the Omsk region is still officially under the threat of a fine shall not make any trips. Can only go to the nearest store, pharmacy, take out the trash or walk my dog at 100 meters from the house.

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