The influx of citizens in shopping centres compared with Christmas sales in US stores (photos)

St. Petersburg gathered at the largest shopping centres even before they opened. According to the published in social networks, personnel, citizens had accumulated a few dozen people. Yes, the queues observed in the “Gallery” and “MEGA Dybenko”.

Users discussed crowds and eventually split into two camps. Some citizens appeared surprised at the behaviors of shoppers and resorted to insulting language, accused in the gregarious instinct. Others, however, was delighted the long-awaited opening of the shopping center.

“mother of God, finally opened the shopping centers we have, no longer have to try on clothes in public”, — she wrote on Twitter.

the Influx of city dwellers compared with Christmas sales in US stores.

Eyewitnesses write that by mid-day the excitement faded away, the crowds can be observed only in selected stores.

Users insist on further easing of restrictions.

“Why in St. PETERSBURG opened shopping centres, and in order to get help F9, you have a week to dance in a mask with a tambourine?” — outraged the Kremlin.

Recall, opened July 27 TTS work with restrictions. From visitors required to wear personal protective equipment. The fitting opens only when heat-treating of the garment after every fitting. In the stores should be antiseptic.

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