The interior Ministry of Dagestan is interested in the reports of beatings with a stick of red eagle

In social networks and spread the video, where the man forces the son to beat the rare mountain eagle listed in the Red book. The footage kidno as a boy, at the instigation of his father, gets stuck in the metal trap the bird with a stick on the head. The interior Ministry in Dagestan after treatment of local residents conducted a review, identified the “hero” sensational video and published his explanation in Instagram. “We have a week — ten days lost about 20-30 chickens, we set a trap, thought marten. Child in a few days, saw that in a cage caught a bird, we ran, looked, saw an eagle,” said the man. He added that to kill a bird they were going, but since couldn’t get the eagle, “slightly dampen it.” The police, however, questioned the veracity of these words. There are going to thoroughly investigate the incident, then action will be given a legal assessment. No case against the men has not yet opened.

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