The key guidelines for Russian agriculture

the Head of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation Dmitry Patrushev, outlined the key milestones in the medium term, which will allow the Russian agro-industrial complex (AIC) “to reach a new qualitative level.” He stated this today at a government meeting.

At the same time among the most urgent, the Minister called for digitalization of agriculture, improving the technological level of agriculture due to the implementation of achievements in the field of plant breeding and genetics. “The involvement of land in agriculture, increasing fertility and rational use,” said Patrushev, quoted by the press service of the Cabinet.

Speaking about the state program of development of agriculture, he emphasized on the five purposes: “index of agricultural production, the growth rate of exports of agriculture, the rising level of disposable resources of households produced value added and the index of physical volume of investments into fixed capital”.

At the same time Patrushev recalled that in the framework of state agriculture authorities pay “special attention” to small businesses. So, at the end of 2019, the total volume of state support of small businesses amounted to approximately 90 billion rubles. “There is action only available to farmers and cooperatives. But I emphasise that all the existing package of support measures now available to small farms”, — said the head of the Ministry of agriculture.

moreover, he added, “the increase in production of agricultural products including contributes to the growth of the average wage in agriculture.” “Although this parameter is not an indicator of the state program, I want to note that in 2019 the average salary amounted to 28.4 million rubles, or 22% more than in 2017. The level, of course, is not the highest, but the growth is palpable. We expect that the positive trend will continue in 2020,” the Minister concluded.

we will Remind, last week the Chairman of the government Of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin reported that, “signed the action plan for the implementation of new food security Doctrine”. “The President (Vladimir Putin — ed.) adopted her in late January of this year. We have developed a document that contains a set of solutions for implementation laid down in doctrine tasks,” the PM said.

According to him, “the Russian agricultural industry reliably provides the domestic market with basic foodstuffs”. “This problem in recent years, we decided and, of course, continue to ramp up production. But it is equally important that the products that I buy citizens was of high quality”, — stressed the head of government.

He said that “the plan provides for measures to control the production of food with respect to their compliance with technical regulations of the Eurasian economic Union, as well as a number of other measures to improve food security”. “Including steps to develop the rural areas, the purchase of modern equipment for our farmers, the support of science and the expansion of trade,” he listed Mishustin.

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