The lawyer of the victims: Machine Ephraim ruled by evil power

the Lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky, representing the interests of relatives of the deceased driver Sergei Zakharov, commented on the statement of the defender of the actor that he is innocent in the accident.

“Obviously, chosen such tactics of protection,” said Dobrovinsky edition of “Rise”, suggesting that soon we will hear something interesting.

“Probably, the vehicle driven by superhuman strength”, — the lawyer added, Recalling the results of the technical examination showed that the car Ephraim was “in excellent condition”. “That’s why I say that, obviously, evil spirits drove the car,” summed up Dobrovinsky.

Earlier media reported that Mikhail Yefremov refused to admit his guilt in the accident. He is willing to reimburse damage due to the fact that in the deadly accident involving his car.

accidents involving Ephraim occurred on the evening of 8 June on Smolensk square. The actor in his car jumped into the oncoming traffic, where he rammed the delivery truck. The driver of the last car died in hospital.

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