The media laid on Russia, the leakage of the talks, Biden and Poroshenko

discharge of a telephone conversation between Joseph Biden and Petro Poroshenko, the then Vice-President of the United States head of Ukraine, can stand in Moscow. About it writes The Washington Post.

the Newspaper points out that, perhaps, revealed “the machinations of Russia.”

Published talks, Biden and Poroshenko Deputy Andriy Derkach, according to the newspaper, allegedly linked to one of the Russian special services.

Earlier, the same publication wrote that the leaked record “has undergone a major edit,” while any crime in what I did Biden, to discuss with the interviewee the selection of the attorney General, no. In Ukraine, former President Poroshenko in connection with the leak brought the charges of treason.

Stories about how you tried to get help from the Russian state in terms of coronaries and what came of it, email it to