The media learned about the plans of Russia to establish two military bases in Libya

Russia has plans to establish in Libya two military bases. This was stated by the Minister of the national consensus government (NTC) of Libya Fathi Basaga, reports Bloomberg.

He said that objects can be created in Sirte and Dzhufre. Barzaga stressed the need “to prevent these plans.” He added that the NTC intends to bring these objects under control. Then it is possible to start negotiations with the Libyan national army (LNA) field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot, the Minister said.

now the fighting in Libya continued, despite the declared June 6 a cease-fire. According to media reports, the forces of the NTC pushed units of the LNA with the help of Turkey. At the same time, the army of the Haftarot supported by Russia, according to the Pentagon. There reported that in late may, Haftar has received from Russia a minimum of 14 combat aircraft.

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