It was two years that he had not shown in public. Since the charges of sexual assault brought against him in the United States and in England, the american actor Kevin Spacey had completely disappeared from the radar screens. On Friday, the actor of the Usual Suspects made a brief public appearance in Rome in reciting poetry in front of “a handful of spectators,” reported Sunday, the daily La Repubblica .

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“Serious, focused, in jacket and tie, next to a wonderful bronze statue called The boxer of the Baths , one of the most beautiful works of the roman museum of Palazzo Massimo. This is his first public appearance for two years”, writes the daily. “Kevin Spacey has selected Rome, on tip-toe, in absolute secrecy, without being announced, agreeing to read in front of a handful of spectators a poetry of Gabriele Tinti”, an Italian poet, a contemporary, “who “speak” the statue,” adds the newspaper.


The spectators had no trouble reading between the lines, drawing a parallel between the boxer of the poem, left for dead at the foot of the ring, and the actor stripped: “The more you’re hurt, the more you become strong. And the more you are emptied. They have used for their entertainment, fed with bad food. The life was over in a moment.”

“everyone is speechless after the performance unrepentant Spacey, wrote Barbie Latza Nadeau, correspondent of the newspaper The Daily Beast in the capital transalpine. At the end, a large crowd is gathered outside, and he read the poem in its entirety once again.”

a prosecution for Kevin Spacey, who has been accused of indecent assault and sexual assault in the u.s. State of Massachusetts, have been abandoned there for a fortnight, but it remains the subject of other investigations in the United States and in England. The career of the actor’s 60-year-old is at a standstill since the first charges of sexual assault brought against him in November 2017. The wave of accusations that had touched Kevin Spacey corresponds with the emergence of the movement #MeToo, born of the case Harvey Weinstein.