His imagination irrigates all the pop culture of film, video games, music and board games. In France, it is frequently compared to Edgar Allan Poe, one of the pioneers of the detective novel and science fiction. The country of the Rising Sun, H. P. Lovecraft does not raise the same enthusiasm. Yet, the mangaka Gou Tanabe decided a few years ago to specialise in the adaptations of the writer. Only his book The Outsider (the new I’m ) had so far been published in France by Glénat – before the arrival of the Mountains of madness , in Ki-oon*.

The story puts the spotlight on a scientific expedition to the Antarctic in the early 1930s, a period in which was written the book. In spite of bad weather conditions, the team is progressing in the heart of the last continent unexplored and made the discovery of a form of life unknown asleep in the ice… Very faithful to the short story of H. P. Lovecraft, Gou Tanabe takes his time – …

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