The nutritionist said error seeking to lose weight as they

Why can I not get rid of fat in the abdomen, said nutritionist and fitness trainer Arina Skoromnaya.

As explained by the expert on radio Sputnik, many are now trying to get rid of excess fat using the body Flex system, including a special breathing through diafragmy and exercise on various muscle groups. But such effort to weight loss is not enough, says Arina Skoromnaya.

According to her, without proper nutrition and physical activity no technique bodyflex won’t work. The more that local fat burning is unattainable. Although some of this type of exercise is very useful. Such specialist considers “the vacuum” belly.

“This exercise strengthens the deep abdominal muscles, keeps them in a constant tone, we are not “drops” the belly. Relaxed, loose belly tends to evening or when we drank the water, relax and become more it is spreading. The vacuum can narrow waist,” he told radio Sputnik nutritionist.

Despite the fact that solely using bodyflex, without proper nutrition, lose weight not benefit from breathing exercises will still be: during active breathing normalizes metabolism, says an expert.

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