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The Odyssey, Apollo XI from all angles

Neil Armstrong in the reflection of the helmet of Buzz Aldrin. July 21, 1969, the two men come to set foot on the Moon. The portraits are emblematic of the first steps of man outside of Earth. If everyone has discovered these images in history books, rare are the ones that have vintage prints. A few days of the 50 years of the mission Apollo XI, the parisian gallery Gadcollection exposes a hundred shots authentic. All are from the collection of Gad Edery. This former French trader has become one of the references on the market pictures space has opened up his picture gallery in 2008. He exhibited until the 31st of July a large part of his collection dedicated to the historic mission.

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The preparations, take-off, through the landing, these vintage prints and documents original scientific retrace the epic journey of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin …

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