theatre producers have of the nose. The character of Rostand, French heroes par excellence, was always the wind in their sails. It is, in this start of the year 2019, on all fronts. The cinema first, with the release of’ Edmond , that Alexis Michalik has adapted the drama to the big screen, on the birth chaotic masterpiece. The film has received the accolades of the press and the popular success should follow.

The Great Scene #2 : Alexis Michalik, director of Edmond – Watching on Figaro Live

Critical – When Edmond points his nose at the movies

On the big screen, still, the resumption Wednesday of the film by Jean-Paul Rappeneau (1990) in many cinemas UGC. It is no longer really need to present this Cyrano de Bergerac to the ten Caesars (a record), intelligently scripted by Jean-Claude Carrière and beautifully inhabited by a Gérard Depardieu at the summit of his art It is still broadcast on Monday 14 January at the UGC Gobelins (Paris, Xiii).

The dark rooms will be also, the 13 (to 17) and 14 January (20h) in the movie theaters, the place to enjoy another staging unforgettable: that of Denis Podalydès for la Comédie-Française, with a Michel Vuillermoz proudly wearing the prosthesis nasal. The show will end the same way, the 23 January, in 264 cities and 310 theaters in the United States! A first for a cultural program in the French language.

let’s go Back to the sources of the myth: the theatre, which is still played this season at Ranelagh the Cyrano de Bergerac of Jean-Philippe Daguerre, who has the art to dust off the classics. A staged tonic and warm for all ages. The show has been extended for the last five sessions in 2019: February 12, 22, 25 and 29 April, and 8 may (times may vary).

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In the skin of Cyrano , a one-man show, drawn in chalk Nicolas Devort plays seven characters on stage. DCHAUVINdominique chauvin

Nicolas Devort, which for the first time In the skin of Cyrano in Paris (Lucernaire), offers a new facet of the musketeer in a long nose. Behind his plume, his poetry and his courage, disability, loneliness, and the gaze of the other. By switching to an eyelash between seven characters, the actor tells the story of young Colin, who stutters a since the death of his father. The young man, bruised and erased, arrives in a new college where he is pushed by his French teacher to integrate the theatre course. And, of course, embody the inaccessible Cyrano.

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With the means of the stand-up – a chair and three light effects – Nicolas Devort provides a narrative fast-paced and fun, which betrays a lot of tenderness for the characters in which it melts. We tremble at the scene of the balcony, to the rhythm of the bégaiements of the young hero. Until the liberation of this tiny being blocked, which is Cyrano the strength to open up to the world. The parallel between the scene and the teen is finely orchestrated. The exercise of style perfectly controlled. The whole is a caring light. The show does not pretend to tell or to further Cyrano , but still, to emphasize its universality. It is here, also, the answer to the ubiquity of the hero of Rostand.

Cyrano de Bergerac at the Ranelagh theatre. 5, rue des Vignes, Paris (XVIe).
Extensions 12 February, 22 April and 29 April, at 20h, and 25 April and 8 may, 16: 30.

In the skin of Cyrano to the Lucernaire. 53 Rue Notre Dame des Champs, Paris (VIe).
Tuesday to Saturday at 20h, on Sunday at 17h. Until march 17, 2019.